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Having experienced previous birth trauma, it was a no brainier decision to hire a doula for my subsequent births. Kimberley supported me throughout my 3rd pregnancy and birth and was nothing short of amazing.

I had also experienced miscarriage right before my 3rd pregnancy and naturally this added an extra layer of anxiety for me. Kimberley was always there to listen, using her kind and compassionate nature, offering words of advice and encouragement in a non judgemental way, either in person or via message - her support was constant. She is incredibly knowledgeable when it comes to all things pregnancy and birth, and particularly helped me with building my confidence and trusting myself that I could grow and birth my baby.

My labour happened really quickly and the support and advocacy Kimberley gave me was invaluable. Midwives are amazing people and do a brilliant job, but the maternity system has left them over stretched, under staffed and under resourced so having someone at my birth who understood me and what I wanted out of the experience was hugely important to me.

For a number of reasons, my baby needed assistance to be born by way of forceps. Even though this was far from my birth preferences, it was thanks to the work I had done with Kimberley during my pregnancy that I was able to stay calm as she assisted me in making informed decisions about my care.

As well as being a lifeline for me, she also helped my husband to understand how he could best support me throughout my pregnancy, labour and birth. Having Kimberley visit post partum was also great, not only because she brought us a home cooked meal, but we were able to have a debrief about the birth and talk about the feelings I had surrounding my experience.

Once you understand the work a doula does, you too will see how essential they are in enhancing your experience (something you remember for the rest of your life). If you are still in two minds, give Kimberley a message and find out more - I promise you won’t regret it! Hypnobirthing & Birth Doula Clients - Sam & Matt, Grimsby

Kimberley was our post natal doula after having our second child and she was absolutely invaluable in those first 3 months.

We met up before the birth and discussed what kind of work she could do, and I felt confident that Kimberley was the right person to come and support our family. She is reliable, a great communicator, gentle, kind and punctual, all of which made me feel really supported and confident during my transition into being a mother of two.

It’s difficult to list all the things that Kimberley did to support me, but here are a few of the things that stand out in my memory:

Help with latching (something I struggled with the second time around, despite 20 months of breastfeeding my first!)

The day she came round and suggested I go upstairs for a nap with my eldest whilst she watched our sleeping baby downstairs. I would never have napped in the day normally but I really needed that and loved the one on one time with my eldest!

The food preparation she did for us so I could eat a healthy lunch and didn’t have to juggle chopping ingredients whilst feeding baby/entertaining toddler.

Chats on the sofa about family, birth and motherhood; knowing that what I said wouldn’t be judged or misinterpreted.

The compliments she gave me on what a great job I was doing; this alone was just the best thing in those first few weeks.

I only wish I’d known about doula services for my first birth as the transition into motherhood (despite all of my own research) would have been a lot more gentle and enjoyable.

Hiring Kimberley as your doula means that you have someone there who is purely all about making sure YOU are ok, in a situation where most people are more concerned with the new baby. It’s priceless having that support and I will always treasure the love and care I got from Kimberley. Postnatal Doula Clients - Holly & Dan, Skegness




I signed up with Kimberley after really relating to almost all of the posts in her group, having lived with extremely low self esteem for a long time, and having tried counselling a couple of times but always coming away feeling like I hadn’t gained or learnt anything from it (feeling more like it focussed on my past) I thought let’s give it a go, I am so glad I did because I have learnt so much about myself, my thoughts and my feelings and how to change them to become a more positive, confident me. The course is really in depth with some psychology and some really critical thinking and it is fantastic at giving you helpful strategies and useful techniques to actually give you something to build upon and make positive changes! (Focussing on the present and future, rather than the past) Kimberley has been really helpful throughout, going over things if I wasn’t 100% sure, catching up with me between sessions and supporting and encouraging me along the way. I really feel like I’ve come such a long way in just 8 sessions, I can feel the change inside me and my partner can see it too, I’m more confident, more resilient, experience less self doubt, and more focussed to become a better me for myself and my children. I feel like I’m coming out of the shell I’ve been hiding in for a long time and really would encourage anyone who thinks they would benefit from doing the course to give it a go! The skills I have learnt have to be put in to practice constantly and I still have a long way to go, but I know I can do it and I thank Kimberley so much for guiding me through and also thank myself for just going for it!! - C, The Mama Mojo Method Client


"From our first meeting with Kimberley we were comforted by her kindness and reassurance. As our relationship developed over various pre-natal meetings we gained great trust and friendship in Kimberley which was key to later on during my assisted natural birth.

I had sketched my birth plan prior to meeting Kimberley but she really helped me attend to the matters that were important that later helped me make decisions quick and easy during my long labour. I had a few complications but my birth plan was my bible and although I deviated slightly, I felt my well constructed birth plan helped me attain proper, informed decisions. Kimberly was regularly, verbally reassuring me throughout that built my confidence when times were hard.

 One the day of the birth, shortly after Kimberly’s arrival, she transformed the room into a peaceful, tranquil environment making me subconsciously relax and prepare my mood which was key. She used positive affirmations, scents & breathing techniques as we had previously planned together.  I felt as ready as I could be for my first time birth.

After the long labour 30+ hours, I remember was feeling sorry for Kimberley so told her she must go home as she will be tired from being up with me. Kimberly was staying there’s no way she was putting all this work in to not see the birth of our beautiful baby girl Sienna. I was only thinking of her safety driving home but she was in for the long haul with me which was again, reassuring.

After a laborious effort, our baby Sienna was born, 7lb 8oz. Tired but overjoyed, we all cried with enjoyment. Kimberley really felt like part of the family, she has been with us since day one on this emotional rollercoaster and seen it through with us.

My eyes are filling up writing this as I feel I have gained a great friend and companion I can trust and rely on in life.

The support throughout to my partner was great, our original idea of getting a Doula was because he works abroad and we wasn’t sure of his work schedule and whether he could be there. Luckily as it happens he was and they both made a great team in supporting me, Craig said Kimberley was great throughout, advising on situations and possible outcomes, things to be aware of, what happens if etc. 

Kimberley visited my home after the birth a few days later to follow up and provide assistance and care which was very nice. I was reassured about the decisions I made were correct which has cleared any doubt and put me in positive stead moving forward. 

One of my favourite parts of the service was Kimberley’s homemade lasagne & cookies she brought round at the post-natal visit. Truly delicious, but 2 portions each wasn’t enough.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Kimberley once more for her excellent work ethic, reassuring attitude & positive demeanour during my pregnancy. Especially due to the complications I do not know how I could have coped without her. Should, I have another baby (it’s too much to think of another just yet) I would use Kimberley again, but feel she has given me some tools and experience to battle it on my own with my partner which is great. I have recommended Kimberley to many friends & family. She provides an outstanding service and I wish her all the best." Martina & Craig, Grimsby, Birth Doula Clients.


"We recently attended the Hypnobirthing Workshop with Kimberley, I would highly recommend it to anyone! It was such a lovely, calm and relaxing day in a beautiful setting and Kimberley was so reassuring and knowledgeable. I had some complications in my first birth which left both me and my husband feeling anxious about the upcoming birth of our second child. The course enabled us to talk through our fears and give us ways of managing birth and a whole new way of thinking and approaching it. We were given access to further course materials and relaxation MP3s to listen to at home and Kimberley is always on hand to provide further support if needed. Thankyou so much Kimberley we are now looking forward to an empowered, calm, loving, oxytocin filled birth." Tiffany & Paul, Legbourne Hypnobirthing Workshop


"My husband and I had antenatal classes with Kimberley, and the sessions with her really opened my mind. She gave me the information to see that I will be able to achieve what I want to in labour, plus the options and choices that are available to me. She also made me see that labour isn't something that I should be worried about and that just because it perhaps won't go to "plan" doesn't mean that it wont be the experience I am hoping for. The classes also helped my husband ...a great deal as he was unsure what roles he could do whilst I am in labour and so the classes have definitely given him more confidence. Which gives me more confidence that I will be able to feel supported and safe when the time comes :)

The other bonus of the class with Kimberley was the detail in which she covers into the 4th trimester. Which to me was really helpful! Because its all well and good being told what what to expect in the first 3 trimesters and then covering labour and birth but what about once baby is here!! So the fact that Kimberley factored this in was really helpful and I know it definitely helped put my husbands mind at ease with certain topics". Rhi & Marc, Bardney, Birth & Postnatal Preparation workshop 1:1.


"I was given a class of baby massage as a gift after having my little boy, on my first session I was rushing round (as normal) and completly forgot my oil as well..... I was made to feel so welcome when I arrived in my flustered way and nothing was too much trouble for Kim who helped me settle in and found me some oil to use to join the group.
I didnt really know what to expect from it as a new mum but WOW.... what a lovely connection baby massage let's you have with your little one, my little man loves it and the group of people there are all lovely. When massage is finished Kim makes everybody a hot drink and offers treats to us all and we just sit and chat which is really nice to meet new people and discuss any concerns with other mums.
Highly recommend Kimberly and her group". Sarah, Horncastle, Baby Massage Classes

"Myself and my daughter love Kimberley's classes. We started doing Baby Massage at around 7 weeks and then started Baby Yoga which we are still attending at 7 months! We both love the classes as we both get so much out of it & its a fantastic bonding experience. Kimberley is a great teacher and ensures there is variety in her classes. She includes sensory play too which is important for babies development. The classes are great for mummy fitness and relaxation as well as for baby! I've gained massage and yoga skills to help with common baby ailments too! The benefits of these classes are never ending, you will not be disappointed! Kimberley is very passionate about her job and is always expanding her skills to offer new classes. Thank you Kimberley xx" Leanne, Boston, Baby Massage/Baby Yoga Classes

"This woman is truly amazing! I was so so nervous about finally getting out of the house and going to a group but Kimberley made it so easy and so comfortable for me and ! felt welcomed straight away! The class is amazing and has made me and L so much more confident! I would highly recommend Kimberley and her classes! xx" Zara, Louth, Baby Massage Classes

'Kimberley you are a super special person, we will cherish every memory from your classes' Donna, Louth

'I hope my friend loves your classes as much as I did, I honestly think you saved me a bit in the early days and I've made some lovely new mum friends from them. Thankyou' Sam, Baby Massage Classes, Louth

'Having Kimberley as my post natal doula was a great experience from the very first meeting. She was clear when explaining what support she could offer. Having someone who was not a family member during those first few days after my baby was born gave me a chance to be honest and open about what I was feeling. Kimberley was a listening ear, completely non-judgemental, and full of knowledge. She gave advice about breastfeeding, wind, reflux, sleep and all things baby. If one thing didn’t work, she had another idea. She tailored her service to the needs of our family and I would always feel more confident after our weekly catch up. If you’re undecided about having support from a doula, I would highly recommend you to have a chat with Kimberley. My husband was very dubious at first, but after meeting Kimberley, and gaining knowledge and confidence himself, he soon started calling her the doula queen!' Kat & Luke, Postnatal Doula Clients, Grimsby

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