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About Kimberley...


They say knowledge is power....

and I truly beleive it is!

But you can't punish yourself for not knowing what you don't know, forgive yourself, now is the time to gain that knowledge and take control...

My passion lies with supporting women through their journey into and throughout motherhood.

My extensive training and experience both professionally and personally has brought me to where I am today and the business I've created provides an outstanding service which I am proud of.

I am here to hold your hand every step of the way, guiding you, reassuring you, empowering you, providing you information and knowledge. Ensuring you feel ready and prepared to welcome your baby into the world, supporting you through the birth or in the first few weeks of motherhood and beyond.

Here's how I've got to where I am today...

For many years I worked in the Early Years sector in varying roles alongside raising my first daughter Ella, now 18. In 2010 I fell pregnant with my second daughter Matilda (now 12), and I think this is where life really changed for me. I developed anxiety through my pregnancy which had had its problems, and after her birth this worsened until I was diagnosed with post natal depression when she was around 6 months. Knowing what I know now I believe this anxiety had been with me since school and throughout my life but I just hadn't recognised it. My birth with Ella was very traumatic too and I know this had a big impact on my second pregnancy/birth as I had never worked through this.

I felt a failure as a new wife and mother, and as a woman - my body hadn't done what it was designed to do.

Along with medication and CBT sessions I was encouraged to join a Baby Massage class to help and can honestly say it was the best thing we did and it benefitted us both hugely. 

I decided to train to instruct baby massage in 2013 and this was where my business all began. I wanted to start giving something back and helping other new mums like myself and over the years it has been a joy to do just that and provide a safe supportive space for them to go each week. I happily taught classes for a few years but always wanted to do more and support women not just once they had had their babies but before also and this is when I came across Doula-ing, this was it! I was meant to be a Doula, it felt like a calling and I knew it was perfect for me, and (with some help with funding from some very special mums in the community who believed in me too) I enrolled with the Birth Bliss Academy in 2018.

The training was the most amazing life changing experience and I learnt so much, not only professionally but for me personally too - but the part I did not prepare myself for was exploring my own births/postnatal journeys and it was then that I realised just how much my experiences had effected me - and how raw it all still was after all these years had passed. Exploring this and understanding why things happened the way they did was like therapy for me and I came home from that training a different person, stronger, clearer and even more determined to educate and support other women to not have the negative experiences I had, to know their rights and choices, to empower them to be confident in their abilities and provide them with evidence based information. 


"The Birth process  cannot be taken out of the context of the woman's life: it impacts her on a deep level, consciously & unconsciously"

~ Kicki Hansard ~


I still felt like my puzzle wasn't quite complete and I still had a few personal issues to overcome to enable me to be the best version of me to do this job to my full ability and continued to further my knowledge and skills these included Breastfeeding Peer Support, Aromatherapy for Birth, Using Rebozo for Birth, Supporting families through Infant Loss, and most importantly I joined the Emotional Health Coach Academy to become a Women's Emotional Health Coach and Hypnobirthing Practitioner. 

This training again was a real life changer. The 8 step programme I went through during training really opened my eyes to how much my anxiety, low self esteem and confidence had been holding me back from progressing in my career without me really knowing it. Learning how my mind processed thoughts and feelings and reacted to situations had hugely affected me emotionally and physically. It was such a fascinating training programme and gave me so much personally as well as more to offer to my clients professionally and it was following this that The Anxious Mama Transformation Programme & The Birth Anxiety Breakthrough Programme were born in 2020. My newest offerings but ones I 100% believe in and adore teaching to women.

In 2023 I furthered my career in the maternity world and became Lead for North & North East Lincolnshire Maternity Voices Partnership. We are an independent NHS organisation who work collaboratively with service users like yourself and professionals to gather feedback and include your voice in service improvements and development. I am so proud to be leading this and ensuring that informed consent and decision making is key in all areas of care across N&NE lincs. You can learn more about this finding us on Facebook, Instagram or email

Having been a highly anxious pregnant woman and new mum with very little support I totally empathise with where you may be at and feel I am fully equipped to support you effectively to make your story a positive, enjoyable and memorable one. 

Whatever stage of your journey you are at and whatever it is you are searching for, I really hope you find the courage to get in touch to discuss how we can work together.

Kimberley xx


"Wherever and however you give birth, your experience will impact your emotions, your mind, your body and your spirit for the rest of your life."

~ Ina May Gaskin ~



Are you ready to take control?

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