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A 2-3 hour session dedicated to you. Offering you a safe space to tell your birth story and be heard, held and valued.

As an emotional health coach and experienced doula I can help you to piece together your path to birth and enable you to make more logic sense of what happened.

Talking through your experience with someone not directly linked or emotionally involved can really help you to lower any negative feelings and emotions you might have and is a healing process.

Talking about it in a group setting may not always be the right thing for everyone and a more personalised 1:1 approach may be more suitable.

The session can be done in person or over zoom, with your partner or without.

I can help you create a plan moving forward in your postnatal journey and direct you to any further support you feel you may need (whether that be with me or other services).

Additional costs may apply if in person due to travel expenses

Birth Debrief Session

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