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Baby Massage & Yoga

 Baby Massage is where my journey began and this year marks ten years since I trained with To Baby and Beyond - the company I now am a freelance instructor trainer for as well.  Over the last seven years I have trained hundreds of instructors across the UK, so I would say this is my expert field. 

What a ten years it has been teaching classes in Louth, Horncastle and surrounding areas, doing what I love week in and week out, creating a safe space for so many parents and providing a supportive calming environment for you to bond, grow and socialise. 

So many groups of friends have been formed at my classes, many I know still are friends now just like I am with some of my baby massage mums 12 years on! 

I treasure all of it in my heart and Thankyou all for helping me grow my business and for choosing me. 

But, all good things must come to an end one day (Nov 2023 at the time of writing this).

It is with an extremely heavy heart that I have come to the decision to stop teaching my classes, I still don’t know if this this is a permanent decision or not - I’ve been so torn and gone back and forth on it over the last few months but as most of you know I’m big on trusting your gut and going with your intuition and all the signs are there telling me it’s time. 

Rising room hire costs, dwindling/inconsistent attendance, other new commitments & let’s just say massive upheaval in my personal life have all contributed to me coming to this decision. 

I know I’m going to miss it, writing this doesn’t seem quite real if I’m honest. So no doubt I will likely be doing the odd workshop here and there to fill the gap this will leave. 

Thankyou once again from the bottom of my heart, some weeks - especially this past year, unknowingly you all have supported me just as much if not more than I have supported you and you have given me a safe space to just be present for an hour away from the daily stresses of life. 

Why not share a photo or a memory of your own from class in this post, it will make me smile 😊 

Love you all 
Kimberley 🤍✨

Please note: I will still be offering 1:1 or small group sessions in the home for bookings and offering baby massage as a part of my postnatal support packages. Please get in touch for a quote or see below for an example cost.



Baby massage has so many benefits for both parent and baby, these include......

  • Aids relaxation and improves sleep

  • Relieves symptoms of colic and digestion problems such as constipation and reflux

  • Provides special bonding time for parent and baby

  •  Releases our happy hormones (Oxytocin) which calms both parent and baby and can aid lactation in breastfeeding mothers

  • Helps with teething and cold and flu symptoms

  • Encourages overall growth and development

  • Provides a support network for parents to 'off load' each week and share experiences, tips, worries and achievements


Gift packs also still available...

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