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Welcome to the Birth Anxiety Breakthrough Programme!


A 60-90 day coaching programme where mamas to be go from Freaked out to Fearless!


I support anxious pregnant women go from freaking out and fearful to centred and serene ahead of the birth of their baby....


Do you wish you could look forward to the birth of your baby?

Maybe you cant even bring yourself to try getting pregnant and your fears may be holding you back from starting the family you desperately long for?

Or have you suffered a previous traumatic birth experience and you are scared this will happen again? Would you love to prepare the best you can for this life changing event not just physically but mentally to? Do you want to feel empowered?


I promise by the end of our time working together you will have made the ultimate shift from freaked out to fearless, feeling calm, confident and secure as you eagerly await the arrival of your baby. ​

As a women's emotional health coach, doula and a mum of two i designed this programme after having my own traumatic experiences and birth / postnatal anxieties.

My unique methodology is designed to meet your individual needs and is a programme like no other you may have tried before. Combining CBT, mindset coaching, applied psychology and hypnotherapy/hypnobirthing as we work through the seven pillars to self empowerment.

Discovering your unique formula together we will work through it step by step at a pace and time that suits you.

The course includes birth preparation / antenatal education and hypnobirthing techniques and a session focused just on your birth partner and how they can best support you. (10 sessions in total - the final two sessions are to be taken with your birth partner present also).

This programme is not a quick fix and will require you to put on your C.A.P.E (Consistant And Persistent Effort) but i promise if you put the work in and invest in yourself and your pregnancy/birth the magic will happen. An investment for your future and your babies future you will not regret.


Want to know more about the method or about me as a coach before commiting? - lets hop on a call and discuss any of your apprehensions first, get in touch, id love to hear from you.


Ideal for women struggling with Tokophobia (a fear of childbirth) or have any anxiety around pregnancy and birth. Book your discovery call today on the homepage of the website, i cannot wait to work with you and it excites me the great things we could achive during our time working together!

Birth Anxiety Breakthrough Coaching Programme

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