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5 Ways to Plan for a Positive Birth Experience

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

How can I have a positive experience in the current pandemic?

It may feel right now that everything is out of your control.

The final weeks of your pregnancy are not how you planned.

You are worried you won't get the support you wanted, the preferences you hoped for and the wonderful experience you long it to be.

But what if it still can be a positive experience?

You have everything you need to birth already within you!

All you need is to know how....

Here are my five top tips to enhance your birth experience and take control of YOUR birth

1) Get informed. Ensure you are looking at correct up to date information when making decisions, don't believe everything you read online, look for reliable sources. Know your options - you still have them.

2) Decide who is going to support you best, as we now know only one birth partner is allowed with you now. Ensure this person is the one who will support you through this the best, as hard as this decision may be, and it may mean upsetting someone you love but knowing you have a good supportive birth partner with you will really help you through and you will thank yourself for it after I promise.

3) Try to make the most of the moments your birth partner cant be with you, at first it may seem a scary thought to be alone in hospital but think of it as those special last moments with your bump, marvelling in how amazing your body has been growing your baby over the past nine months and now its all coming to an end, soak up the quiet time to yourself and relax. Or if its postnatally enjoy having your baby all to yourself, maximum bonding time with no one wanting to steal a cuddle, and allow yourself time to rest and recover before going home where the temptation of housework or the needs of your other children may take over.

4) Look for the positives. Remove negativity. Seek out positive birth stories, quotes and affirmations to read. Tell yourself daily 'it will be ok'. The more you say it the more you will feel it.

"Focus on what you want to happen, not what you fear might happen"

5) Adjust your birth plan/preferences. So your perfect plan A may have gone out of the window, you may not be able to have the home birth you planned or a water birth most likely but what is the next best thing?

Setting a 'back-up' plan will really help you still feel in control if your first plan can't be fulfilled. You are still the leading lady in all of this, you still make the decisions, you can still have a positive birth.

Want to know more ways to help you plan your birth?

Download my FREE '5 Ways to Cope in Labour During a Pandemic' PDF here.....

I really hope you find it useful

Kimberley x

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