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During covid and a very difficult period for doulas and access to the hospital to support women due to constant changing restrictions locally I created this package to offer the best support I could whilst navigating this. I find it is still an option for some women/couples now if they are on a budget or would like support but maybe not directly in person in their birth space as such.


The package is similar to the birth doula package minus my physical attendance at your birth and offers a more flexible way of support as and when you need it.


It includes:

2x Antenatal visits to help support you in your birth and postnatal preparations (this can be in person or online via zoom)


Support via email/whatsapp/phone/text for the whole duration of our contract to ask questions and seek guidance when you need it - think of it as a doula in your pocket!


Early labour support (virtually) to help you stay home for as long as you can and know when is the right time to transfer to the hospital for example or when to call the midwives. My support will then continue (if you want / need it) virtually with facetime/phone/whatsapp as and when during the labour to help you and your partner in decision making around your care and someone to call upon again for guidance when needed.


1x postnatal visit upon your return home to debrief about your birth experience and offer that initial postnatal support with feeding / postnatal recovery etc (again either In person or online).


Additional visits can be added on to meet your needs / custom contracts can be agreed, please get in touch for your free initial meeting to discuss this.


Please note that this is a guide price - additional fees may apply for travel expenses should you wish your visits to be in person, depending on where you are located. Please message me for a quote.

The Virtual Doula Package

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