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All the information you need to prepare you and your partner on how to navigate the fourth trimester confidently and calmly. Taken in the comfort of your own home at a time to suit you in person or can be done online via Zoom (additional travel costs may apply for in person delivery depending on where you live).

We will also cover lots of preparation for breastfeeding your baby - if this is your choice.

*Knowledge of how your body works and how your baby feeds, along with good support is key to succeeding in breastfeeding your newborn*


In this 3 hour session we will cover the following...

What is the fourth trimester and ways to confidently navigate it

Baby development/baby cues

Postnatal recovery for mum - what to expect

The anatomy of the breast and the mechanics of milk production/release

What an effective latch looks like/signs your baby is getting milk

How to position your baby correctly for a feed

Signs to look for and when to know you may need extra support/medical attention

How your partner can be involved and support your feeding journey

Correct milk storage for if/when pumping

What to do if you decide breastfeeding isnt for you, your options and guidelines for correct bottle prep.

Includes all handouts/information sheets in a little pack of goodies for you 😊


This short course will be at a time to suit you and in the comfort of your own home or over zoom. It can be added to your hypnobirthing course at a discounted rate also.

Please contact Kimberley to check availability or for more questions.

Postnatal Preparation Session

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