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Are you getting close to your estimated due date and starting to think about putting your birth plan/preferences together?

Are you stuck and unsure what to add to it?

Maybe you aren’t fully aware of what all your options are, and what you should include.


Would you like some help and support in this?


I’m here for you!


This 2 hour session will help you explore all of your options to help you work out what is important to you and leave you feeling confident as you approach the birth of your baby.


This session is also ideal for those that don’t want to do a full hypnobirthing course or have done one before and just want a refresher.


Usually delivered over zoom this can be done in person for additional travel costs - please get in touch to enquire. It can also be added to a full hypnobirthing course as an extra session to give you more time and space to fully create your birth plan with my support.

Birth Planning Session

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