Are you due to have your baby in the midst of the pandemic and wondering how you are going to manage, who is going to support you, or have many unanswered questions leaving you feeling unprepared for your upcoming birth. 
I would love to help support you through this time....
As a doula we are usually there to hold your hand and support you in person with many different comfort measures, but at present with some of the restrictions in place we are being forced to support our clients remotely and are changing the way we work, I feel right now Doulas are needed more than ever to offer reassurance and guidance at this challenging and uncertain time. 
My Virtual Doula package will give you just that, someone to turn to when you feel anxious and unsure, someone to find you the latest guidelines and information from local hospital trusts, someone to help you be as prepared as you can be in the days/weeks leading to your birth, someone to provide remote support to you and your birth partner during birth - offering ideas, explanations and again reassurance the best I can and someone to support you in the days following the birth of your baby with feeding, managing your emotions and postnatal recovery. 
The package includes....
2 antenatal online meetings to discuss your birth preferences/plan and expectations. Easing any anxieties. 
unlimited Phone/email support leading up to your labour. 
Remote support during your labour as and when you need it, via whatever platform you prefer (facetime, whatsapp, text, email, zoom, phone for example). 
Unlimited phone/email support up to 4 weeks postnatal.
2 postnatal online meetings to discuss any feeding questions, ease any axnieties and provide support.
No woman should have to be alone at this time - even if it does mean we have to change how we deliver the support to you. 
Available immediately, please message me if you have any questions or would like a FREE consultation prior to making payment and confirming booking. 
Payment plans can be discussed. 

The Virtual Doula Package

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