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The Anxious Mama Power Hour!


This is for you if......


* You lay awake at night overthinking everything and you want to learn how to start managing your anxious thoughts

* You feel lost and don't really know who you are anymore as a mum and would like to start to build resilience as we move into life after the pandemic

* You question everything you do and doubt yourself and your abilities and you want to learn how to feel more confident in your decision making, action taking and your responses to situations

* You berate yourself and live with the mum guilt and would like to give your self esteem a boost and learn how to step into your personal power and take back control of your life.

* You feel judged all the time and want to learn how to not succumb to the social pressures of motherhood and get back your mojo!


This 2 hour 1:1 workshop will help you start to do all of the above and truly start to understand yourself on a much deeper level.


This session can be taken at any stage of your journey - antenatally, postnatally or well into motherhood.

Taken over zoom this session is designed as a more affordable/lower commitment to the full 8 week Anxious Mama Transformation Programme and uses lots of elements from the full programme at a time to suit you and your family commitments (discount given for those that want to go on to do the full programme following this session).


If you would like to have a chat prior to purchase to ask further questions and discover if this is the right step for you book your FREE 30 min call with me now here....


Magic is waiting for you mama!

The Anxious Mama Power Hour

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