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Our full eight week coaching programme....

Do you wish you could live without anxiety? 

Are you freaking out about birth, maybe you cant even get pregnant because of your fears? 

Are you a new mum with social anxiety? 

I have a secret to tell you...………………… can stop it and you are not alone!

Lets get you from freaked out to fearless in just 8 weeks!

As a women's emotional health coach and mum who has experienced all of the above I get it!

Our 8 week coaching programme is designed to meet your individual needs and is a programme like no other you may have tried before. Combining CBT, mindset coaching, applied psychology and hypnotherapy we work through the seven pillars to self empowerment, finding you unique formula together. 

The 8 week programme looks like this....

* An introduction to the programme and getting to know each other / what to expect in the coming weeks

* The TRUTH module - looking at your core beliefs 

* The STRENGTHS module - looking at your thinking styles

* The CONNECTION module - looking at the mind body connection

* The RESILIENCE module - looking at emotional resilience and how that affects our thinking, our emotions and our actions

* The FREEDOM module - looking at social pressure

* The CONFIDENCE module - Looking at our self esteem

* The EMPOWERMENT module - a recap of all we have learnt and how to use your reset button!

I like to specialise in Tokophobia (birth phobia), anxiety around birth and new mums struggling with anxiety and postnatal depression but the programme can be applied to the following issues too.....

* Emotional eating

* Infertility

* Vaginismus

* Insomnia

* Panic attacks


* Emetophobia (the fear of being sick)


This programme is not a quick fix and you do need to put in the effort to work with me - I cannot wave a magic wand and do it all for you but if you are ready to make that investment in yourself together we can do it. The investment you make is priceless to live free from anxiety.


The price includes....

Eight 1-2-1 sessions which can be done face to face if you are local to me or via Skype/FaceTime if not. 

Email and phone support in between our sessions. 

Ongoing support via our private facebook group to share your achievements

​An investment for your future you will not regret

1-2-1 Emotional Health Coaching (Available Online)

£595.00 Regular Price
£416.50Sale Price